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Dental phobia is a real, often overwhelming reality for thousands of people. Negative previous dental experiences, fear of needles or drills, and severe gag reflexes are just some of the reasons people feel extreme anxiety when thinking about visiting the dentist. If you suffer from dental phobia- fear no more!

One of the major benefits of IV Sedation dentistry is that people often feel like their dental procedure lasts only a few minutes, when in fact it might have taken hours to perform. Therefore, complex dental procedures such as smile makeovers or extensive rebuilding procedures that normally require multiple visits can often be performed in fewer appointments.  If you are reluctant to change the appearance of your smile because you are afraid or anxious about undergoing long or complicated dental procedures, IV Sedation dentistry can make you feel comfortable during the treatment process and help you achieve a smile you can be proud of.  Also, because IV Sedation dentistry addresses some of the fears that keep people from going to the dentist on a regular basis,  patients are more likely to receive recommended routine care. As a result, they are less likely to neglect their oral health or allow oral health problems to build to the point when drastic dental treatments become necessary.


IV Sedation dentistry works great for patients with:


  • High dental fear

  • History of traumatic dental experiences

  • Difficulty getting numb

  • Strong gag reflex

  • Sensitive teeth

  • Complex dental problems and procedures

  • Limited time (appointments) to complete dental care

  • Sensitive to needles and shots

  • Sensitive to dental related noises, smells and tastes



Dental Anesthesia Services is committed to understanding the very real nature of your fears. Not only will our staff treat you with compassion and care, but IV Sedation dentistry will allow you to experience dentistry in a whole new way. While engaging in a pleasant sleeplike experience, Dental Anesthesia Services will be hard at work making sure you "wake up” with the results you desire.

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